Epilepsy is one of the most common chronic diseases affecting the central nerves

It can manifest itself in different forms. Doctors therefore typically use the term epilepsies instead of epilepsy. The random seizures, in which convulsions and also twitching can cover the entire body, are a great burden for those affected. Suitable medication does not always help to stop the epileptic seizures. The extract from the hemp plant cannabidiol (CBD) is said to have an anticonvulsant effect. Therefore, it is increasingly in demand by people with epilepsy.

  • Can be used in various dosage forms
  • Reduces anxiety and also provides inner peace as well as leisure
  • Must only be used in consultation with a doctor

The disease can occur at any age. However, it is much more common in the early years of life or after the age of 60. Epilepsy is suspected if there are repeated epileptic seizures or if examination suggests that further seizures are likely. It is estimated that 5% of the culture will experience an epileptic seizure once in their lifetime. However, a single epileptic seizure that occurs, for example, as a result of heavy drinking, high fever or overtiredness, is not sufficient to make the diagnosis of epilepsy

CBD for epilepsy.

CBD items, additionally called cannabidiol, are an extract from the hemp plant. Unlike the cannabinoid THC, however, it has no intoxicating effect. The hemp plant has actually been used for countless years to treat a number of ailments. The plant combines vitamins, fibre, healthy proteins, minerals and fats. This useful mix is rounded off by the ingredients listed below:

Cannabidiol in particular has indeed been the focus of research time and again. The interest of scientists is based on the fact that the substance has currently revealed fascinating energetic possibilities in several animal and also human trials. The favourable constructions of the plant essence could also be of value for people with epilepsy. Above all, the anticonvulsant properties that CBD is said to have in residential or business settings can potentially provide relief.

CBD against epilepsy: How could the plant extract work?

Medicines for epilepsy do not always actually have the desired effect. Many people then look for alternatives. Extensive studies are currently being conducted to find out whether CBD could help epilepsy patients. One possible starting point is the so-called endo ¬ can ¬ na ¬ bi ¬ no ¬ id system, which every person possesses. CBD is supposed to dock to the appropriate receptors (CB 1 and also CB 2) and thus unfold its beneficial properties. The significance of the endocannabinoid system is not yet entirely clear. Researchers assume that the complicated system influences physical properties and also carrier materials. Preliminary research suggests that CBD has the following properties:

  1. calming
  2. anxiety-relieving
  3. analgesic
  4. anti-inflammatory

CBD is usually stated to have anticonvulsant residential or commercial properties, which is particularly intriguing for people with epilepsy. Some testimonials suggest that the regularity of seizures can be lowered with removal from the hemp plant. Nevertheless, the anticonvulsant effects of CBD have actually not been fully investigated.

But exactly how might CBD work for epilepsy? One possible explanation is that CBD may form receptors in the brain that are responsible for controlling various brain activities. In addition, it is thought that CBD’s helpful properties may alleviate the inflammation in nerve cells associated with epilepsy. Finally, one theory is that CBD improves the job of GABA (a natural chemical) in the brain. This is thought to help lower electrical activity in the brain.

CBD studies on epilepsy – is cannabidiol a reliable remedy?

CBD still faces prejudice today because the substance is derived from the hemp plant. Due to the fact that marijuana had a hard time in the culture, clinical studies were only really improved in the seventies. In the meantime, we can fall back on quite trustworthy results from experiments on domestic animals and also cell cultures. The diversity of research when it comes to humans is still rather thin. However, individual research papers show that CBD could help epilepsy patients.

A scientific study from 2017 was dedicated to the question of how CBD can affect epilepsy. It involved patients who suffered from the so-called Dravet disease. This is a rare but extreme form of epilepsy in which even medication rarely leads to freedom from seizures. The test persons received either 20 mg CBD per kilogram of body weight or a sugar pill (dummy drug).

The scientists found that the average regularity of seizures in the CBD group dropped from 12.4 to 5.9. By comparison, the seizure regularity in the sugar pill group only dropped from 14.9 to 14.1. In addition, 5% of the people studied were seizure-free. None of the study participants who had taken a placebo could claim this. In addition, the scientists used a unique rating scale to examine the condition of the subjects. Those study subjects who had taken CBD showed at least one improvement in one category.

In another scientific research study, the subjects were given 200-300 mg of CBD or a sugar pill daily. Out of 8 epileptics, seven improved their problem while taking CBD.
CBD against epilepsy – can the oil also help children?
A study from Israel suggests that CBD can also help children with epileptic seizures. The researchers mention that CBD-enriched marijuana essence can help improve seizure regularity in patients with refractory epilepsy, mothers and fathers said.

Cannabis Oil (CBD Oil) for epilepsy: Experiences

If you are looking for testimonials when it comes to CBD as well as epilepsy, you will quickly find what you are looking for. On the internet, people state that CBD oil has actually helped them reduce the frequency of seizures. The auras, absence and also psychogenic seizures have actually additionally lowered with CBD. Furthermore, some users report that they have actually been able to optimise their rest as well as health. Nevertheless, testimonials can only reflect subjective impressions. Patients with epilepsy have to find out for themselves to what extent CBD can help them.
CBD oil is particularly popular among users. A high-quality product promotes purity and the absence of undesirable additives. Taking CBD oil is unproblematic. Even people with ingestion difficulties can comfortably integrate CBD drugs into their daily routine.
Probably the biggest advantage of CBD oil is that a specific dosage is possible. This is important because there is no generally valid dosage recommendation for people with epilepsy. Those affected should therefore approach the dose that is right for them. It is advisable to start with a few decreases. This way, possible adverse effects can be experienced. It also helps to familiarise oneself with the drug. If the small amount is well tolerated, the dosage can be increased after a week if necessary.

Cannabidiol for epilepsy: What is the best way to take CBD?

Individuals are best advised to use CBD oil sublingually. A few drops are placed under the tongue. Then wait 1-2 minutes so that the oral mucosa has enough opportunity to absorb the beneficial ingredients. Only then should the product drops be swallowed. It also makes sense to refrain from eating and drinking for about 20 minutes.

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