The aim of the EU STREET VIOLENCE project is to give an overview of analyses, recommendations and actions on violence committed by youth groups in the public space. A certain number of practices were collected through the project. The purpose of this database is to structure all the information gathered, and make it accessible to all interested parties.


It is to be noted that the objective of the EU Street Violence project was not exhaustivity but rather, to gather interesting experiences and qualified opinions on the issue. This database is regularly updated, which is why we invite local authorities, NGOs, researchers and all field workers to share their analyses, recommendations and above all the actions they have implemented or are currently implementing.


In order to include information in the database, please provide a written documentation on your “ARA”, which will then be coded by us and included in the database. If you do not have yet a written report or other document, then please fill a practice sheet by answering the questionnaire it contains. See the section “reference documents”.