User manual

The Reco Street Violence database contains 503 recommendations from 13 countries.

This database can be consulted in two modes, which can be combined.

1) Full Text mode

This mode allows you to find all the documents using one or more words (ARA text, summary, etc.) or descriptors (actions, subjects etc.). The first word is suggested by a thesaurus of existing terms with decreasing frequency (in full). The following terms are freeform entries with right truncation. If several terms are searched, the results are displayed in order of increasing relevance of terms.

Example 1: full text search with 2 terms STREET viole

The first term comes from the thesaurus. It also takes into account the term STREETS. The second is a freeform entry with right truncation and takes into account all the words starting with viole.

The search result is as follows

2) Search variables

You can also search the database accoding to up to 11 variables (advanced search). Simply chose the value of the variable you want to search for from the list. When several variables are used, the search criteria add up to another and the search is made to look for a certain values of one variable AND a certain value of another. 

Example 2: search for 4 criteria. 

Searches all the ARA(s) from the country FR – FRANCE of type 3 – Action for which the target populations are 2 – Youths in gangs, violent groups, youth at risk and the ARA vector is 04 – School/Training.

The search result is as follows

1 & 2) Combining full text and variable search

Example 3 :

Searches all the ARA(s) from the country IT – Italy of type 3- Action containing the full terms STREET viole.


The search result is as follows