The European Forum for Urban Security: a network of some 300 European local authorities


Created in 1987 under the auspices of the Council of Europe, the European Forum for Urban Security (Efus) is the oldest non-governmental organisation of territorial bodies working in the field of urban security. Today, it brings together more than 300 members. Through its conferences, training programmes, technical assistance […]

The Belgium Forum for Prevention and Urban Security: 84 member cities


Created in 1995, the Belgium Forum for Prevention and Urban Security (FBPSU according to the French acronym), is an NGO that gathers 84 Belgian cities and is dedicated to the exchange of views and practices on local crime prevention policies. The Belgian Forum has a work group on urban gangs, set up in 2007, and […]

The Spanish Forum for Prevention and Urban Security: 30 local and regional authorities


The Spanish Forum for Urban Safety and Prevention (FEPSU) is an association of 30 local and regional authorities, established in 1998, with the aim of sharing approaches and experiences on public safety policies […]

The Emilia Romagna region: secretary of the Italian Forum for Urban Security since 1999


The Italian Emilia Romagna region is a member of the European Forum for Urban Security (Efus) since 1999 and has also been since secretary of the Italian Forum for Urban Security (FISU). The Italian Forum gathers more than 70 local authorities and works on various projects, seminars and conferences that promote an integrated vision of […]

National Community Safety Network: promoting community safety in the UK


The National Community Safety Network (NCSN) was created in 1995 and gathers over 500 members and organisations in both the statutory and voluntary sectors in the UK. It is a practitioner-led organisation supporting those involved in promoting community safety and crime reduction throughout the United Kingdom. } else {

Psytel: a cooperative of experts on health information


A French non-profit organisation, Psytel is a cooperative of experts who have been working for 15 years in the field of injury prevention: with the European Commission Directorate General for Health and Consumers (SANCO) on the prevention of domestic accidents (PHP programme – Injury DataBase), and with the Directorate General Justice, Freedom and Security (JLS) […]